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KK Pronunciation

〔 ˋtrʌbL 〕


〔 ˊtrʌbl 〕

Overview of noun trouble

The noun trouble has 6 senses

  • trouble, problem -- (a source of difficulty; "one trouble after another delayed the job"; "what's the problem?")

  • fuss, trouble, bother, hassle -- (an angry disturbance; "he didn't want to make a fuss"; "they had labor trouble"; "a spot of bother")

  • trouble -- (an event causing distress or pain; "what is the trouble?"; "heart trouble")

  • trouble, difficulty -- (an effort that is inconvenient; "I went to a lot of trouble"; "he won without any trouble"; "had difficulty walking"; "finished the test only with great difficulty")

  • worry, trouble -- (a strong feeling of anxiety; "his worry over the prospect of being fired"; "it is not work but worry that kills"; "he wanted to die and end his troubles")

  • trouble -- (an unwanted pregnancy; "he got several girls in trouble")

Overview of verb trouble

The verb trouble has 5 senses