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voluntary   (Sound)

KK Pronunciation

〔 ˋvɑlәnˏtєrI 〕


〔 ˊvɒlәntәri 〕

Overview of noun voluntary

The noun voluntary has 2 senses

  • volunteer, military volunteer, voluntary -- ((military) a person who freely enlists for service)

  • voluntary -- (composition (often improvised) for a solo instrument (especially solo organ) and not a regular part of a religious service or musical performance)

Overview of adj voluntary

The adj voluntary has 2 senses

  • voluntary -- (of your own free will or design; done by choice; not forced or compelled; "man is a voluntary agent"; "participation was voluntary"; "voluntary manslaughter"; "voluntary generosity in times of disaster"; "voluntary social workers"; "a voluntary confession")

  • voluntary -- (controlled by individual volition; "voluntary motions"; "voluntary muscles")