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KK Pronunciation

〔 twIndʒ 〕


〔 twindʒ 〕

Overview of noun twinge

The noun twinge has 2 senses

  • pang, stab, twinge -- (a sudden sharp feeling; "pangs of regret"; "she felt a stab of excitement"; "twinges of conscience")

  • twinge -- (a sharp stab of pain)

Overview of verb twinge

The verb twinge has 3 senses

  • prick, sting, twinge -- (cause a stinging pain; "The needle pricked his skin")

  • twinge -- (feel a sudden sharp, local pain)

  • pinch, squeeze, twinge, tweet, nip, twitch -- (squeeze tightly between the fingers; "He pinched her behind"; "She squeezed the bottle")