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KK Pronunciation

〔 mZʃt 〕


〔 mєʃt 〕

Overview of noun meshed

The noun meshed has 1 sense

  • Mashhad, Meshed -- (the holy city of Shiite Muslims; located in northeastern Iran)

Overview of verb mesh

The verb mesh has 4 senses

  • engage, mesh, lock, operate -- (keep engaged; "engaged the gears")

  • interlock, mesh -- (coordinate in such a way that all parts work together effectively)

  • mesh -- (work together in harmony)

  • enmesh, mesh, ensnarl -- (entangle or catch in (or as if in) a mesh)

Overview of adj meshed

The adj meshed has 2 senses

  • meshed -- (resembling a network; "a meshed road system")

  • engaged, meshed, intermeshed -- ((used of toothed parts or gears) interlocked and interacting; "the gears are engaged"; "meshed gears"; "intermeshed twin rotors")