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KK Pronunciation

〔 ˋlusN 〕


〔 ˊluːsn 〕

Overview of verb loosen

The verb loosen has 7 senses

  • loosen, loose -- (make loose or looser; "loosen the tension on a rope")

  • relax, loosen -- (make less severe or strict; "The government relaxed the curfew after most of the rebels were caught")

  • relax, loosen -- (become less severe or strict; "The rules relaxed after the new director arrived")

  • tease, tease apart, loosen -- (disentangle and raise the fibers of; "tease wool")

  • untie, undo, loosen -- (cause to become loose; "undo the shoelace"; "untie the knot"; "loosen the necktie")

  • loosen -- (make less dense; "loosen the soil")

  • loosen, relax, loose -- (become loose or looser or less tight; "The noose loosened"; "the rope relaxed")