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delineate   (Sound)

KK Pronunciation

〔 dIˋlInIˏet 〕


〔 diˊlinieit 〕

Overview of verb delineate

The verb delineate has 5 senses

  • define, delineate -- (show the form or outline of; "The tree was clearly defined by the light"; "The camera could define the smallest object")

  • specify, define, delineate, delimit, delimitate -- (determine the essential quality of)

  • delineate, limn, outline -- (trace the shape of)

  • trace, draw, line, describe, delineate -- (make a mark or lines on a surface; "draw a line"; "trace the outline of a figure in the sand")

  • delineate -- (describe in vivid detail)

Overview of adj delineate

The adj delineate has 1 sense