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Overview of noun corrections

The noun corrections has 2 senses

  • corrections, department of corrections -- (the department of local government that is responsible for managing the treatment of convicted offenders; "for a career in corrections turn to the web site of the New Jersey Department of Corrections")

  • corrections -- (the social control of offenders through a system of imprisonment and rehabilitation and probation and parole)

Overview of noun correction

The noun correction has 7 senses

  • correction, rectification -- (the act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake; setting right)

  • correction, fudge factor -- (a quantity that is added or subtracted in order to increase the accuracy of a scientific measure)

  • correction -- (something substituted for an error)

  • correction, chastening, chastisement -- (a rebuke for making a mistake)

  • correction -- (a drop in stock market activity or stock prices following a period of increases; "market runups are invariably followed by a correction")

  • discipline, correction -- (the act of punishing; "the offenders deserved the harsh discipline they received")

  • correction -- (treatment of a specific defect; "the correction of his vision with eye glasses")