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KK Pronunciation

〔 bord,bɒrd 〕


〔 bɒːd 〕

Overview of noun board

The noun board has 9 senses

  • board -- (a committee having supervisory powers; "the board has seven members")

  • board, plank -- (a stout length of sawn timber; made in a wide variety of sizes and used for many purposes)

  • board -- (a flat piece of material designed for a special purpose; "he nailed boards across the windows")

  • board, table -- (food or meals in general; "she sets a fine table"; "room and board")

  • display panel, display board, board -- (a vertical surface on which information can be displayed to public view)

  • dining table, board -- (a table at which meals are served; "he helped her clear the dining table"; "a feast was spread upon the board")

  • control panel, instrument panel, control board, board, panel -- (electrical device consisting of a flat insulated surface that contains switches and dials and meters for controlling other electrical devices; "he checked the instrument panel"; "suddenly the board lit up like a Christmas tree")

  • circuit board, circuit card, board, card, plug-in, add-in -- (a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilities)

  • board, gameboard -- (a flat portable surface (usually rectangular) designed for board games; "he got out the board and set up the pieces")

Overview of verb board

The verb board has 4 senses

  • board, get on -- (get on board of (trains, buses, ships, aircraft, etc.))

  • board, room -- (live and take one's meals at or in; "she rooms in an old boarding house")

  • board -- (lodge and take meals (at))

  • board -- (provide food and lodging (for); "The old lady is boarding three men")