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KK Pronunciation

〔 ˋtrIpL 〕


〔 ˊtripl 〕

Overview of noun triple

The noun triple has 3 senses

  • triple, three-base hit, three-bagger -- (a base hit at which the batter stops safely at third base)

  • trio, triad, triplet, triple -- (a set of three similar things considered as a unit)

  • triple -- (a quantity that is three times as great as another)

Overview of verb triple

The verb triple has 2 senses

  • triple, treble -- (increase threefold; "Triple your income!")

  • triple -- (hit a three-base hit)

Overview of adj triple

The adj triple has 2 senses

  • ternary, treble, triple, triplex -- (having three units or components or elements; "a ternary operation"; "a treble row of red beads"; "overcrowding made triple sessions necessary"; "triple time has three beats per measure"; "triplex windows")

  • treble, threefold, three-fold, triple -- (three times as great or many; "a claim for treble (or triple) damages"; "a threefold increase")