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lumbering   (Sound)

KK Pronunciation

〔 -bәrIŋ 〕


〔 -bәriŋ 〕

Overview of noun lumbering

The noun lumbering has 1 sense

  • lumbering -- (the trade of cutting or preparing or selling timber)

Overview of verb lumber

The verb lumber has 2 senses

  • lumber, pound -- (move heavily or clumsily; "The heavy man lumbered across the room")

  • log, lumber -- (cut lumber, as in woods and forests)

Overview of adj lumbering

The adj lumbering has 1 sense

  • heavy, lumbering, ponderous -- (slow and laborious because of weight; "the heavy tread of tired troops"; "moved with a lumbering sag-bellied trot"; "ponderous prehistoric beasts"; "a ponderous yawn")