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Overview of verb glaze

The verb glaze has 4 senses

  • glaze -- (coat with a glaze; "the potter glazed the dishes"; "glaze the bread with eggwhite")

  • glaze, glass, glass over, glaze over -- (become glassy or take on a glass-like appearance; "Her eyes glaze over when she is bored")

  • glass, glaze -- (furnish with glass; "glass the windows")

  • sugarcoat, glaze, candy -- (coat with something sweet, such as a hard sugar glaze)

Overview of adj glazed

The adj glazed has 4 senses

  • glassy, glazed -- ((used of eyes) lacking liveliness; "empty eyes"; "a glassy stare"; "his eyes were glazed over with boredom")

  • glazed, glassed -- (fitted or covered with glass; "four glazed walls")

  • glazed, shiny -- (having a shiny surface or coating; "glazed fabrics"; "glazed doughnuts")

  • glazed -- ((of foods) covered with a shiny coating by applying e.g. beaten egg or a sugar or gelatin mixture; "glazed doughnuts"; "a glazed ham")