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KK Pronunciation

〔 dʌv 〕


〔 dʌv 〕

Overview of noun dove

The noun dove has 5 senses

  • dove -- (any of numerous small pigeons)

  • dove, peacenik -- (someone who prefers negotiations to armed conflict in the conduct of foreign relations)

  • Columba, Dove -- (a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Puppis and Caelum)

  • squab, dove -- (flesh of a pigeon suitable for roasting or braising; flesh of a dove (young squab) may be broiled)

  • dove -- (an emblem of peace)

Overview of verb dive

The verb dive has 3 senses

  • dive, plunge, plunk -- (drop steeply; "the stock market plunged")

  • dive -- (plunge into water; "I was afraid to dive from the board into the pool")

  • dive -- (swim under water; "the children enjoyed diving and looking for shells")